The Passion of Donald Trump


With Republican zealots plotting against him, can the will of the People save Donald Trump from political crucifixion?

Not to compare The Donald to Jesus Christ as a person, but to compare his current political circumstances to the persecution and historical political circumstances of Jesus’ in order to illuminate what the American political establishment is doing and why.

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump – who is already a very established leader in the business world – is trying to assert himself as the political leader of the United States. But he hasn’t paid his dues nor suffered countless election defeats and other indignities of a tried and true politician. He hasn’t played the game from the other side of the fence. Although a very successful businessman, Trump is anything but a traditional political leader, yet. Hence his popularity.

About this time nearly 2,000 years ago, Christ attempted to assert his claim to the three heads of influence: the position of High Priest in the strict Jewish Essene sect to which he belonged; the title of King of the Jews, which was his bloodline, but to which his own brother James claimed righteously because he asserted that Jesus was not the legitimate heir; and the leader of the political group called The Twelve Disciples, which laid influence on the governance of the Jewish people through religion and politics.

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To say the very least, Jesus was misunderstood. He had risen in the religious ranks through determination and deeds. His following was popular and growing, which worried the establishment priests.

Jesus wanted all to be able to worship God in the temple; the sick, the lame, the Gentiles and women, not just those deemed acceptable by the crony religious leadership of the day.

Jesus had stepped out of his role as simply future King of the Jews of the David line, and wanted to unite the forces of society from a single point of power.

Donald Trump, successor to his family fortune, protestant Christian, and now political wannabe, is attempting the same thing and is getting the same results from the political establishment and religious left that Jesus received from the ruling Essene priests, Herod (King of the Jews who espoused peace and cooperation with the establishment government from Rome), and Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor of Judea.

How dare he presume rights to ultimate power!

What chutzpah!


But indeed, the opponents of Trump are getting more and more perturbed as he appears to step closer and closer to the ultimate position of power in the world, that of Presidency of the United States.

The most recent claim, by The Economist, that a Trump presidency would be a “top ten global threat,” is absurd. But such statements gain media attention like flies on dung.

Every new story about how Trump couldn’t possibly be president or shouldn’t be president takes on curiouser and curiouser rationale.

The Economist piece claims his presidency would encourage terrorist recruitment, and send global markets to the basement. These claims are erroneous at best and evil propaganda at worst.

But why the panic? Why are prominent Republican and conservative leaders huddling in Washington, D.C. to come up with an alternate plan, even if Trump wins enough delegates to claim the Republican nomination?

Why has Mitt Romney turned into the Republican establishment pit bull, espousing the type of vitriol and hyperbole against Trump that we never saw when he ran against President Obama?


They have their collective panties in a bunch because they see with Trump an end to their political influence and standing.

A Trump victory would make them all irrelevant, and then beholden to Trump for positions in the new administration and beyond. Trump would become the face of the Republican Party and its defacto leader.

A President Trump would act fast and decisively to melt away the fat of unnecessary government. Depending on whom he chooses to join him in his administration – and they are already lining up – he would find it more or less difficult getting things through a majority Republican Congress.

His biggest is with the conservatives, just as Jesus’ biggest hurdle was members of his own sect who were zealots (Simon Magus and Judas Iscariot). Jesus the pacifist does not appear to share that trait with Trump, but that has yet to be revealed, as Trump’s political record has not yet been written.

Remember, even though Ronald Reagan called the Soviet Union the “Evil Empire,” and told Gorbachev to “tear down [the Berlin] wall,” he actually only invaded one country, Grenada. Hardly the hawkish neocolonialist his detractors wanted to make him out to be.

Call it bluster, call it bullying, what Trump says has a purpose. He is setting the stage for negotiations with influential powers around the globe and domestically.

The question is which power will prevail, the power of contempt and rhetoric of the Republican establishment, or the power of the People to elect the candidate of their choice? More and more it looks like it will be The Coiffed One.

Will the persecution of Donald Trump lead to his political crucifixion at a brokered convention? Or will the passion of Donald Trump reveal a new beginning for America? It may just come down to the will of the masses.

In Mark 15:15, wanting to please the crowd, Pilate released Barabbas, a convicted murderer, instead of sparing Jesus from the cross. If the pleasure of the crowd is with Trump, will the establishment powers let the People have their day?


7 responses to “The Passion of Donald Trump

  1. “We the People” must make clear to the establishment that any candidate that’s NOT chosen by “The People” will not be acceptable. Any party members participating in thwarting the will of the people will have no future in DC. They must understand that to undermine the People is Political suicide, as we also hold their careers in the palms of our hands. The very fact that they even entertain the idea of circumventing the peoples choice shows how far we’ve moved away from our founding principles. It’s a very sad day indeed because the unthinkable HAS happened, the Government HAS turned on it’s people. All that remains to be seen now is what “We the People” are prepared to do about it. I hope that our fury is so complete that this kind of blatant disregard to our Constitution and our founding principles won’t be attempted again at least in the foreseeable future. We shall see.

  2. Major, this is excellent piece. I love the tangents, the analogy, the “meat” which I meant the substance and class of information presented.

    Sorry I sound like a reviewer, not my intent.

    For Trump, his road to hoe so to speak, is how to gather round him, how to unify the masses in enough numbers to carry him through to the White House.
    For example- some of the criticisms were that he’s ‘flip-flopping’ from one issue to the next, no coherence on policies and strategies; etc etc.

    Faced against even a medium-rated prosecutor who can summarise in concise one-liners, Trump has a job to do..

    ..the way I interpret those criticisms is this way: Trump’s brain even when he’s talking of a certain issue in a rally, or in a debate, is away multi-tasking already. His brain by the time his mouth articulated the ideas in words, is already a million miles away on to another subject, another issue, another idea.
    This is why he is hard to understand, especially by those who doesn’t understand the business mind. Trump’s brain is lopsidedly tangent towards business and ALL the facets of a multi-billion corporation, ALL under his control. If he does not have a multi-tasking brain, he wouldn’t have made it.

    A formal note when he speaks wouldn’t help at all. In-between the two sentences on that formal written note, his mind will come up with another idea and he will go to it, leaving the listeners to scratch their heads. He does this that I notice.

    THIS is very hard for people to understand and follow. For example, if I posted what I’m saying here on your site to my FB or tweeter they would regard this as gobbledegook. (Incidentally one of Reagan’s words I love!).
    Gobbledegook because it takes a certain mind to understand his brain. I am not necessarily talking about formal education although it helps, but simply, a transmitter that can decipher a complexity.

    In Trump’s campaign he needs a person who can put together in one bundle ALL his thoughts that are seemingly random and scattered. AND discipline him to stick to it.

    One good thing going for Trump is that he got the appeal of Ronald Reagan- appeal of, and for the masses who are simply EMOTIONALLY TIRED!

    Thanks Major,

    • Great thoughts/stream of consciousness! I get it. I have often thought he really DOES need a teleprompter and speechwriters. He would begin to sway those on the fence about him, and there are many. Clear, precise and well thought out statements will gain him many voters. My feeling is that it is his election to lose. My wife made a great observation regarding the current wife wars between Trump and Cruz. She said if after receiving an insult about his wife he said “Melania is a beautiful, intelligent and kind woman who is a wonderful wife and mother. I love her very much and feel blessed to be her husband,” and then ignored the vitriol he would come out on top. Fighting fire with a flame thrower every time he is attacked may get him far in the dog-eat-dog business world, but it doesn’t play as well in TV rooms and kitchen tables. Thank you for your thoughtful comments!

  3. Tragedy people would even compare suffering of Jesus to Donald Trump. Jesus was innocent, sinless and was crucified for the sins of the world. Salvation in no other but the Son of God.

    Disgraceful to think you can use Jesus to justify Trump — you can’t.

    • I am sorry you feel that way. When I heard that leaders of the conservatives and Republicans were meeting in Washington, D.C. to plan to thwart Donald Trump, even though he had vastly superior numbers of votes and looks like he will win the Republican nomination, I recalled the political plotting that doomed Jesus, even from within the Twelve Disciples. Judas Iscariot and Simon Magus were zealots, and opposed Jesus’ political views. King Herod was loyal to the Roman rulers, which Jesus opposed while asserting his claim as King of the Jews through the David line. Pontius Pilate simply wanted it all to go away. This conglomeration of circumstances mirrors what is happening right now to the would be leader of the free world. Love him or hate him, Donald Trump may be just what this country needs, but there are forces at work, quite publicly, that would steal the people’s will. The comparison is with Jesus’ circumstances, not with the Messiah himself.

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